Microsoft Hardware Limited Edition Artist Series Mouse and Wallpaper designed by Calvin Ho / Atomic Attack.
Wallpaper  available for download in 3 sizes. It comes with the purchase of the matching limited edition mouse.
The design and illustration of the wallpaper is meant to be flexible enough to place icons on the side regardless of which OS or computer you use. For the Mac, there is space for dock on the bottom to be visible too. I personally prefer a wallpaper which I can put files and folders around only if temporary as well not be distracting once a window is opened, thus I avoided the typical wallpaper design with repeated pattern that run throughout the face of the wallpaper. You will only see the grey background when viewing content with a window open.
Detail. The concept of a mouse click away from connecting to the world and opportunities. Throughout my career, I have had many chances to work for clients from all over the world. I also feel this connection gives us the freedom to be inspired by others from around the world and is a source that wasn't available to me when I was growing up as a kid.
The design and illustration of the mouse as well artist signature on the side facing the user.
The cropping was very important. I wanted the person holding the bow to be part of the mouse button.
Here you will find the original design idea submission to Microsoft as per their request before starting on any of the illustration.
Microsoft liked for me to explore more of idea 3 which I was happy with. After I started on the illustration it made sense to combine this with concept 1 which Microsoft was happy with the results. "font-size:="">
Not forgetting the other designers who also did a cross over. Please go to Microsoft website to find out more. Thanks for looking fellow Behancers!!!
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